Time for our year end wrap up.  I first have to say that my computer crashed about half way through the year.  I had started writing information down as a back up in February so these totals to not include January.  I like to share these figures with you to give you the most information possible to decide which survey companies might be worth your time to sign up with.  One big difference from 2009 is the biggest earning company for me.  In 2009 it was Lightspeed.  This year about a quarter of the way through the year I stopped receiving e-mails from them.  I e-mailed them but never heard back.  I try to remember from time to time to go check my account and do surveys with them, but those e-mails help a lot!  There are a few companies on this list that you fill not find on the survey page.  That is because they open up for new members at different times throughout the year or are invitation only.  Click Here to start signing up for yourself. 

ACOP  $30
Clearvoice $30
Daily Survey $10 - I stopped taking these surveys, reflecting the low amount
Global Opinion $35
E Poll $15
Expo TV - They do not pay cash, but I was able to cash out my points for 4 Christmas gifts!
Global Test Market $50
Harris $20
HCD $13.80
I Say $50
Mindfield $11
My Survey $130
My View $25
Lightspeed $40
Opinion Outpost $202.17
Opinion Place $8.50 (they pay after each survey & I only started keeping track the last 2 months)
Panel Polls $12.25
Quick Rewards $10 (I stopped taking these surveys, reflecting the low amount)
Pinecone $33 (I did not start tracking until Sept. They only open up a few times a year for new members)
Shoppers Prospective $20
Socratic $35
Saynation $25
Survey Savvy $13.50
Surveyspot $52
Surveyhead $27.25
Testspin $8.20
Toluna $80
Valued Opinion $100
Viewpoint $49.86 (only open with invitation)

TOTAL:  $1136.53

I wish this was all cash, but it is a combination of checks, PayPal, Amazon credit and gift cards.

This also does not reflect the few Focus Groups I was invited to.  I post these from time to time on out Facebook page and also sometimes the survey companies will invite you to them.  I just finished one that paid me $150!!! 

As you can see, except for a few stand outs I did not make a lot from each of the companies.  The key is signing up with a lot of companies to get a good variety and a little money from each. 

I would love to hear how you did this year.  What companies paid you the most and which ones were disappointments.  Remember, it is all about putting a little "Fun Money" in your wallet!

My friend Shari is currently helping me put together an awesome Excel survey tracker that I can use to make life much easier.  My plan is to put it on our website so that you can download it and use it yourself.  Be on the lookout for it in the next few weeks.