Whenever I come across a new party application with House Party, I try to make sure to post it here.  I also apply for many of the parties that I post.  It seems that each time I am selected, the kits they send get better and better! 

Last week I was chosen to host a Febreze House Party.  I received the box today and it was just filled with goodies for my friends.  I received:

1 apron
1 pack of napkins
2 room sprays
5 Flameless Luminaire starter kits
8 Set and Refresh starter kits in linen & sky
8 Set and Refresh starter kits in Hawaiian Aloha
10 Scented Reed Diffusers
18 Flameless Luminaire refills
20 Sandra Lee entertaining tip cards
And (not a type) 180 Set and Refresh coupons

So...I hope that you take the time to apply for any House Party that looks of interest to you.  You never know what you might receive!