I received a few fun things in the mail today! 

Waterpik Easy Select showerhead - I received this from ModernMom.com - If you create an account with them from time to time they will have products that they are looking for members to review.  While you are there check out my blog.  In a few weeks I will let you know how you can enter to win a showerhead of your own!

Scotch Scrubbers - I e-mailed them and told them how much I loved their products, especially a particular scrubber and they e-mailed me a set of two for free.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee - This is already in a bag because this is my husband's favorite coffee and he just had to try it!  This offer is still available on the Freebies page

I hope you are having success as well.  Feel free to e-mail us with any freebies you are receiving or great store deals you are getting and I will post them.

Thriving Family Magazine - This is the third one I have received.  This offer is no longer available.