There are 3 basic methods to save money:

*Buy It Cheaper
*Make it last longer
*Use it less

Using all three strategies may not work or be desirable in all situations.  For instance, you should not brush your teeth less.  or maybe you prefer the taste of the more expensive brands.  But if you can combine strategies the results are dramatic.


You are buying one can of coffee per month at $6 per can.

Strategy Options:

*You can switch brands and purchase coffee with a coupon
*You can make your coffee go farther by reusing your grounds with half as much fresh grounds added to the old ones.
*You decide to drink half as much coffee

Savings:  Option #1 $1.18, Option #2 $3.84, Option #3 $2.56


You currently spend $75 per month for gasoline.

Strategy Options:

*You can learn where the cheapest stations are and fill up when in the area for a 10% cost savings.
*You get a tune-up, change your oil and make your sure your tires are pumped to the right pressure.  Even when the cost of the services is factored in, your improved mileage saves you 5% on gas for the year.
*You reduce your transportation cost a third by car pooling, combining more errands and walking more.

Savings:  Option #1 $67.50, Option #2 $63.75, Option #3 $50


You currently wear out one $75 pair of business shoes every six months for an annual show cost of $150 - we re talking men here

Strategy Options:

*Before your shoes wear out you find a sale of your favorite brand For $60.  You buy 2 pairs.
*You double the life of the shoes by getting them reheeled for $10
*You double the life of your shoes by wearing last year's old shoes for street use.

Savings:  #1 $140, #2 $85, #3 $75

If we just take some time from our busy lives to look around us and see where we can save, I think we would all be amazed at how much "Fun Money" we could have.

Article idea from the Tightwad Gazette