I just wanted to update you on my own experience with Swagbucks.  I just checked my points total and I have enough to cash out for $50 in Paypal money!  Now, you can only cash out $5 at a time, and only 2 a day, so it will take me a few days to get all of my $50, but it is free money! 

Just sign up here and add their search engine to your list of ones you use.  Now I will admit that I still have to use Google sometimes when I am searching, but I have Swagbucks as my default and love it when I get points for searching.  Yes, this really is free money with NO CATCH!  You can also download their toolbar and receive points each day for having it, along with completing their daily poll each day, which can be found on their main page. 

So, if you have not yet signed up, what are you waiting for?