For those of you with a SwagBucks account, tomorrow is their second birthday and that means lots of extra opportunities to earn Swagbucks.  I personally have had a great time earning my Swagbucks.  It is so easy!

If you are not familiar with SwagBucks it is basically a search engine.  They use and Google to generate the results.  The bonus for you in searching through Swagbucks is the chance to earn a buck.  Normally you get one buck, but there have been times when I received 3 bucks for a search.  It is all random and part of the fun of the site.

So what is in it for you to sign up?  Well, they have TONS of merchandise – from electronics, to collectible memorabilia, to gift cards, to prizes for the kids and even money through PayPal!  You can purchase all these items by using your Swagbucks.  Interested yet?  My favorite is the PayPal money, but I know lots of people who love the Amazon gift cards.  For 45 bucks you can buy a $5 Amazon gift card card. 

So if this sounds of interest to you sign up HERE and they will give you 3 bucks so start with!