It is always great to be able to get away and do something fun without spending a lot of money.  Our family was lucky enough to do two fun things this past weekend.

First, we headed to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California with our church youth group.  My husband is the youth pastor so we were in charge, but we had a lot of help from many parents.  One went early just to save us a fire ring!  I needed to provide lunch and dinner.  So I went looking for sales.  We had planned on roasting hot dogs over the fire for dinner and I was able to buy Ball Park Hot Dogs when they were $1 a pack at Ralphs.  As the week progressed I realized more kids were coming then I planned for, so the day before we left I went back to Ralphs and this time I raided their meat clearance section and was able to pick up 4 packages of Farmer John Spicy Hot Dogs for $.99 a pack.  The buns were $1 a pack and I got a great deal on water bottles.  I had a ton of flavors packets that I had received free in the mail to flavor all those water bottles for the kids.  I also had bags of chips left over from another youth outing.  The most expensive items for me were the makings for smores.  Another mom was kind enough to make sandwiches and one of the girls made PB&J for everyone.  The weather was great and we had a really fun time!

Hot dogs and smores!

Saturday I slept in until 10am, boy that sun makes you tired!  So of course that was a free day!

Sunday after church we headed to the Honda Center in Anaheim, Ca to see the Ringling Brothers Circus.  I had won the tickets from our local radio station. They had the contest on their Facebook page.  You might want to see if your radio station does similar giveaways and "Like" them on Facebook.  My kids are now teenagers and we had never taken them to the circus.  They were probably the only teenagers there, but they seemed to enjoy it.  We ate lunch before we left so our only expense was parking, which was $15 YIKES!

My daughter took this picture