For the next week one of our cats will be wearing a Videocam on her collar for an hour a day.  Why you might ask.  Well, Friskies thought it would be interesting to learn what cats do during the day so they will follow 20 cats by sending their families a videocam.  We will start filming on Wednesday, uploading to their site and then they will publish some of the videos.  Once I know the website they will be on, I will let you know.

How did our cat get chosen?  Well, we signed up with the Friskies Explorers a few years ago and they send me e-mails from time to time.  About 1 year ago at the bottom of one of the e-mails was a similar project where still cameras were attached to cat collars.  We were selected along with a friend of ours.  I guess we did such a good job that they asked if we were interested in this project as well.  So, you never know what might happen when you take the time to sign up for a company's e-mails.

A great perk was the 3 free coupons they sent us!