I first learned about MyPoints when a company I was working with contracted with them.  When I take a survey, etc. I get awarded with points in my MyPoints account.  For those of you without a company connection here is how you can earn points:

*Shop at companies through their site, similar to Ebates.
*Click on an e-mail - They will send you e-mails with different opportunities, i.e. taking surveys, reading about a new deal, etc.  I have found that I do not qualify for many of the surveys they offer, but clicking on a deal in an e-mail takes about 5 seconds and usually nets me 5 points. 

You can turn your points in for merchandise and gift cards.  I have received Kohls and Home Depot gift cards through them so far.  So easy for just a little bit of my time.

Click on the banner above to create an account and get 100 points to get you started!