If were following me last week, you know that I went to Fresh & Easy and scored a lot of great items for a little over $4.  I thought each week before I do my regular grocery shopping that I would make a trip to Fresh & Easy and see what I can get in the marked down section that might spark a meal idea or at least compliment one for less money.  Last week I went on a Wednesday, this week on a Thursday.  I am not sure if there is any difference, but today the area was stocked with a lot of items but most of them were a lot more money that last week.  So, I am assuming the items continue to get marked down the longer they are there.  For instance, last week I was able to buy bacon for $.60, this week it was $1.97, of course I did not need any since I bought 3 packages last week :)  So, next week I will try to go on a Wednesday again and see if the day of the week makes a difference.

Here is what I purchased today:

Over 5 lbs of chicken legs for $2.87
2 containers of chicken tortilla soup for $1.50 each (my son's favorite)
1 loaf of specialty garlic bread for $1.75
1 loaf of sour dough bread for $1.74 (my daughter's favorite)

The garlic bread will go along with a pasta dish I was already planning on making for dinner one night and the soup will probably be lunch for  few days for my son, otherwise I will add some other items and make it a dinner.

I will continue to keep you posted.  If you shop at Fresh & Easy I would love to hear your comments.