So...Abercrombie & Fitch and being frugal don't normally go together, but I have a 14 year old who had her own money so we headed to a mall a few weeks ago and she loved it!  She was very good about buying items that were on sale, she is my daughter after all.  While we were in the store an employee asked her if she would like to sign up for their e-mails.  They even haven a computer just for customers to use to enter their information.  Well, yesterday she received a $25 FREE e-card.  The e-mail said "Thanks for signing up".  She came down and told me and asked me if I was "proud of her for getting a freebie"!  I told her this website is her's to take over some day :)

Click Here to sign up for their e-mails.  Maybe you will get a freebie too!