I was contacted by MommyTalkSurveys recently asking if I would be interested in sharing their company with my readers.  First of all, I was excited to see a survey company that was geared just towards us moms.  I went on their site and created a membership for myself (I always do this before I recommend a company).  They offer $5 just for signing up.  The profile information that they asked for did take about 10 minutes to complete, but it is important so that they can target which surveys would be best for you.  So make sure that when you sign up you have at least 10 minutes to commit to it.  They gave me an interesting fact - 80% off people that sign up with surveys only complete the first survey.  They never hear from them again.  I love surveys.  It is a way to earn a little extra "Fun Money" and I love it when I receive free products to test.

So, if you have never signed up with a survey company and are a mom, I highly suggest you give MommyTalkSurveys a shot.  And let us know what you think by clicking on the title of this post (a comment box will come up).