During March I thought I would take the time to highlight each of the survey companies that I have listed on the Free Money Page.  Although I have a brief description of each company and the rewards they offer, readers have asked for more details about some of the companies.  I will share my own experiences with each so you can decide which ones to join.

Today I am starting with Lightspeed Research.  I made $140 with them last year completing surveys.  Once you have signed up and filled out the profile, they will send you an e-mail anytime they have a survey available to take.  I have had a lot of success taking surveys with them.  I qualify for about 80% of the surveys offered to me by them.  One of the fun opportunities that our family has qualified for twice is using a Palm Pilot to track information.  Once my son was sent a Palm Pilot and asked to input each beverage he drank throughout the day.  The other time I was asked to input each snack I had throughout the day.  These projects required us to input the information for 2 weeks and then send the Palm Pilot back to them.  We were sent a $10 Visa card with the Palm Pilot and then were sent an additional $50 card once they received all of our information.  These are just some of the extra special surveys they offer. 

Before taking each survey they let you know the approximate time it will take to finish the survey (I always find it takes me less) and the amount of points given for taking that survey.  They keep track of your points and once you have reached 2300 points you can cash out for $20!  They offer prizes including cash, online gift certificates, music downloads, electronics, and kitchen appliances. I always opt to have the $20 transferred to my PayPal account and normally receive the money within 2 weeks. 

They also allow teens to join. So, if your teen is interested in earning a little extra money then have then sign up too!

To sign up just click on the banner at the top of the page or the banner on the Free Money Survey page. 

If you have any questions or comments about Lightspeed just click on the title of this post and leave your comments.