Today I will focus on SurveySpot.  After signing up and filling out your profile, they will e-mail you when an e-mail is available.  When you get these offers, look at them closely.  They normally tell you if you will earn points or just a sweepstakes entry.  I do not even bother to open the ones that are only sweepstakes.  You earn points for each survey and can turn them in for cash and prizes.  1000 points = $10. 

I earned $50 with them last year and also was able to participate in many product tests.  That is where a company will send me a product to try for free and then I give them my feedback.  SurveySpot is also good in sending you e-mails that say something like "See if you qualify for a new panel" .  These panels are through a company called Communispace.  If you are lucky enough to get on one of these panels it will be outside of SurveySpot.  You will log on once a week and answer questions and in return Communispace will send you Amazon gift cards for your efforts.  The companies that work with Communispace range from Wal-Mart to Heinz. 

SurveySpot also has fun contests.  During the last football season they had a game where each week you picked who you thought would win each game.  Each week they awarded the winner with cash.  During the Olympics the had a daily contest to enter.

To sign up with SurveySpot, click on the banner above.  I hope they help to fill that wallet with Fun Money!