I want to start out by letting you know that everything that I post about that I receive you can get too!  Sometimes it requires more effort, more time or just luck but we can all get great stuff in the mail.  Today I received a Dell notebook computer!  But...I will have to return it in a few months.  Last year I applied for the Microsoft Office 2010 Real Life Stories program.  I was not selected, but last month they sent me another application.  I decided that this time I would not rush through the application, but really take the time to share a little bit about myself with them.  To my surprise I received an e-mail the next day that they were interested in speaking to me.  By the next day I was talking to Microsoft in Washington state!  In the end, I was selected for this program.  I will have an opportunity to test out the new Office 2010 program and learn a lot about how I can better use the product.  At the end of the program I will have to return the already loved notebook computer, but I will be able to keep Office 2010 to load into another computer.  This could not have come at a better time.  Our really old computer finally died and the kids were disagreeing about who would get on the computer and when so this was just an amazing thing to arrive today! 

If you would like more about the program or apply yourself click HERE.