I first learned of Kids Konserve when their products were featured in Body + Soul Magazine.  The colors and designs just popped out of the page.  I had to know more!  I went to their site and loved their line of reusable lunch items.  Even though the word "Kids" is in their name, I would use these in a heartbeat.  They sent me a "Kozy" to try.  I must admit that when I first received it I was not sure what to do with it!  It is a decorative piece of plastic with velcro.  I played around with it and realized that it is their version of a sandwich bag.  I asked my daughter to take it to lunch and see what the kids thought of it.  So the next morning I made her sandwich, but unfortunately it would not fit into the kozy.  She loves sourdough and it was just too large.  So I wrapped her crackers in it with no problem.  I really like how easy it is to clean and of course the best part is that it is reusable!  As for my daughter, she did not want to be the center of attention and did not show it to anyone.  What is a mom to do?

Here is half a sandwich packed into a Kozy. 

Here is an entire lunch set they offer

Kids Konserve is offering MomsFunMoney readers 15% off their order when you use code Lovely15 at check out. 

MomsFunMoney was given a free Kozy to review and all opinions are those of MomsFunMoney only.