I am always on the look out for easy ways to earn all of us some FUN MONEY.  Well I have come across another one, RecycleBank.com.  This website is all about recycling and encouraging everyone to do their part.  You earn points various ways on the site, and can cash those points in for all sorts of items. 

For joining you receive 100 points.  Right now if you enter code RECYCLEYOURMAGS, you will earn another 15 points and then click on Earn Points for other easy ways to earn points.  I clicked on the eBay Green Team and earned another 50 points. 

So what do you do with all those points?  I went to Get Rewards and then searched under Grocery & Food.  For the 165 points I now have from creating an account and the other 2 ways I mentioned above here is what I, and you, can get:

Free Kashi Cereal - 125 points
Free Green Works Wipes - 65 points
Seventh Generation Dish liquid - 50 points
Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner - 100 points
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes - 75 points

So, for just a few minutes of your time you can get another freebie, or save up your points. I will be on the lookout for more rewards codes and I will post them when I find them.