How is that for the name of a post?  But truly, this has been a problem in my house.  We have a yorkie who does not have the best teeth.  Chewing on a bone is not something she can do.  She normally lets our other dog chew it until it is nice and soft and then she finishes it.

On Monday I had posted the Milk Bone Essentials coupon link and the possibility of getting them free at Petsmart.  Well, the cats needed food so I printed out the coupon and headed out.  Indeed, the Milk Bone Essentials were priced at $1.99 a pack.  I got them home and opened them and was surprised that they were a little soft.  Roxy took right to it.  She had died and gone to heaven!  I thought I would share in case you have a similar problem.

Here is the link for the coupon that will make the item free.  I am not sure how long Petsmart will have the price lowered so I would not wait.