Reader Mrsrufox had a few questions about House Party so I thought I would answer them here in case others had the same questions.

1)  Can you invite anyone?  Do you have to let them know?
House Party has an e-mail invite option.  You can enter the names and e-mail addresses of the people you would like to invite and they will send out an invite for you.  But you certainly can invite people any way, in person, phone, etc.  Usually they would like you to invite 10 people through the e-mail program.  For some parties I have hosted they have e-mailed me and reminded me that I needed to sent out e-mail invites, but most of the time I do not hear anything from them.

2)  Do you need to send them pictures?
House Party does not require that you take or send them pictures.  After your party is over they will send you a survey to fill out.  Also, for each party they sponsor, there will be a separate page on their site for that party.  You can add pictures, ask questions, etc. 

3)  How picky are the rules? 
I have found House Party to be very easy to work with.  Once you have your party pack, they really do not ask very much from you.  I have hosted about 6 parties and all have been very easy.  One note, one of the last questions they ask when you fill out an application is would you allow media to attend your party.  I always answer yes and House Party actually called me last year and said a newspaper would be coming to the party I was about to host.  I was so excited and was then notified a few days beforehand that they had changed their mind.  So, if you put yes, there is always a possibility media really would come.

Now go and apply for a party!