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This is the first Groupon deal I have posted.  I have not had much time lately with getting the kids ready for school to look into too many new things, but Groupon was on the top of my list.  I am sure many of you have heard of it and maybe some of you have only heard the name and are not sure what it is.  The basic idea behind it is that companies will sign up with Groupon to offer a service or product at a reduced price as long as a certain predetermined amount of people buy the service or product.  For example:

XYZ Nail Salon in Minneapolis will offer Pedicures for $10 as long as 25 people buy it.  If less than 25 people buy it then those that do do not get the service but also do not have to pay. 

Most deals are specific to a certain area, but not all.  Today The Gap has a great deal that I just had to share with you. 

This great offer is available in many cities so you can check yours or just click on New York because they have already sold enough so that you will get this deal!  Of course the gift certificates are available throughout the country.

I would love to hear from you if you get this deal or if you have any experience using Groupon.