Looking for a cute Valentines Day freebie? RedPlum has made 40 printable IOU’s available for free download on the RedPlum site.  They include:

  • For Your Significant Other: one load of laundry, one “your choice” movie night, one day of personal chef services.
  • For Mom & Dad from the Kids: one morning off from making breakfast, one night of dish duty and a list of 5 things you taught me that make my life better.
  • For the Kids: one night of ice cream for dinner, two one-hour bedtime extensions and one “because I told you so” override.
  • For Caregivers and Teachers: one day of classroom help, one pass for pet care and one photo of us together.
  • For the Grandparents from the Kids: one mini photo album of what you mean to me, two servings of my favorite snack for us to share and one written record of favorite memories we have made together.

Click here to get them!