OK, so they kind of look like aliens with this picture :)  They really are not that green, the flash makes them look that way :) What other excuses can I come up with?

Anyway, I was attending a ladies tea this past Saturday and wanted to make something fun.  These cupcakes were in the May issue of Ladies Home Journal.  But I tweeked them, just a little.  They had pink M&M's, I used the fancy ones they now have out and they were larger and purple!  I made a batch of icing and tinted it green.  Each smaller cupcake is placed on a small wooden dowel (just poked through the bottom) and then placed in the middle of the larger cupcake.  They had them sitting straight up, but my daughter said to angle them so they looked my Alice in Wonderland like.  Here is what they looked like in the magazine if you want to try them!  (I wish I had a pro photographer taking pictures of mine)