For those of you  participating in Disney Movie Rewards, you can enter this new code into your account for a 10 point bonus.

Code: DMR

Disney Movie Rewards has yet another benefit to membership!  If you currently own a Disney DVD and want to upgrade to Blu Ray, Disney will provide an $8 coupon for that particular movie! To take advantage of this offer:

1. Go to this site and select the DVDs that you own and want to upgrade.
2. Click “add to cart” under each DVD. When you are finished, click “View Cart” on the top of the page.
3. It will show you all of the coupons that you are requesting. Click “continue” on the bottom of that page.
4. You will then fill out a form online with your information. Print that form off and affix a proof of purchase from your DVD to the form and then mail it in. You can request multiple coupons with one form.
5. Your coupons will be emailed to you within 8-10 weeks.