Are there things in your house that you wonder if rather than throwing it out, could there possibly be a use for it?  Here are a few:

Crayon Bits - Place a variety of colors in a muffin tin and melt in the oven, remove and cool.  These make the best crayons.  We did this during Valentine's and made them in heart shaped tins and gave them to friends.

Dried Out bread - Save slices in a freezer bag until you need to make bread crumbs.  Grind up in your blender or food processor.  When using a topping toss in melted margarine and season.

Pickle Juice - Use in a marinade or create your own salad dressing

Toilet Paper Tubes - Use to gather up unsightly loose cords

Mesh Onion Bags  Cut off metal clip and knot.  Use to store soap bits.  The mesh and soap combine to form an effective cleaning agent when washing hands

Leftover Rice - Make a rice crust for a quiche by combining 1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese and an egg.  Pat out in a pie plate.

Tuna Can - Use to make cookie cutters.  Cut off the bottom of the can and shape with 2 pliers - needle nose works best. 

Bread Bags - Use as a freezer bag for short term storage

Now it is your turn.  If you have any ideas for items around your house, click on the title of this post and leave a comment,.