House Party has opened up a lot of parties the last few weeks!  Here is the latest, the Ball Fresh Taste of Summer House Party.  If you are chosen to host a party you will receive:

For You:
  • 1 Ball® Collection Elite® Stainless Steel Waterbath Canner with Canning Rack
  • 1 Ball® 4-Piece Utensil Set
  • 1 NEW! Ball® Canning Discovery Kit
  • 2 Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving — the go-to book for beginners
  • Coupons for Jars
  • Product Samples
  • Special Salsa and Pepper Jelly Recipes and More!
For your guests:
  • Exclusive Reusable Green Bags
  • Money Saving Product Coupons
  • Ball® Fruit Pectin — for making your own jams and jellies
  • And each person will take home a jar of salsa and pepper jelly made during the party!
Good Luck!